CSSS 2008 Santa Fe-Final Papers

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1. Learning the Basics of Learning by Béla Nagy, David Papo, and Tihamér von Ghyczy.

2. Spatial Patterns of Segregation: A generative model by Flávia Feitosa, Joshua Reyes, and Walter Zesk

3. Exploring a Model of Organizational Adaptability by Shawn Barr, Steve Hall, W. Brad Jones, Catherine Spence, Richard Streeter, and Jiang Wu

4. Modularity in coevolving host-pathogen systems by Devin Drown, Molly Rorick, Rob Mills and Alex Moffett

5. Exploring modularity and hierarchy in the NK-landscape by Adam Campbell, Laura Feeney, Orion Penner, Meritxell Vinyals.

6. A Meta-Discursive Approach to the Relation between the Interdisciplinary Imperative in Scientific Research and Contemporary Epistemologies of Knowledge by Christopher Vitale.

7. Credit-Network Model of the US Housing Market by Carlos Yepez , Devin Drown , John Pang , Chip Burgess

8. Modeling Therapeutic Intervention In Sepsis by Masayoshi Kubo and Mauricio Rosas

9. Detection of low-dimensional chaos in quasi-periodic time series: The 0-1 test by Francois Ascani, Paul Keeler, Ruben Kubiak, Samuel Laney, Srideep Musuvathy, David Papo.

10. Identifying Factors which Lead to Community Development in Complex Networks Via Ontological Structure: Cosponsorship Communities in the U.S. Senate Jean Hausser, Mark Rivera and Skyler Cranmer.

11. Public Goods Game and Network Structures R. Deswandi, T. Gesell, S. Otto, J. Ren, M. Rivera, Y. Xue.

12. Growing Pollination Networks Dirk van Apeldoorn, Michael Cox, Ana M. Martín González, and Rob Mills.

13. Dynamic Landscapes: A Model of Context and Contingency in Evolution Laura Feeney, David V. Foster, Jacob G. Foster, Tanja Gesell, Antony Millner, and Molly Rorick.

14. The cost of strategic adaptation in a simple conceptual model of climate change Antony Millner, Giovanni L. Ciampaglia, Nish Aravamudan, Jacob Foster

15. Seeing the net for the nodes: Coarse-graining modular Boolean networks Harold Fellermann, Maria Davidichy

16. Complex systems and Society -- A web portal for knowledge exchange Kathleen Sprouffske, Kolbjørn Tunstrøm, Christopher Vitale, YunQi Xue