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CSSS Santa Fe 2008

Below are the lecturers with links (when possible) to webpages. Lecture topics are enclosed in parentheses - these may change!

Week One:

Liz Bradley, University of Colorado, Boulder (Physics and Dynamics Fundamentals)

Owen Densmore and Stephen Guerin, Redfish (Agent Based Modeling)

Josh Epstein, The Brookings Institute

Alfred Hubler, UIUC (Dynamics)

David Krakauer, SFI (Evolution)

Mark Newman, University of Michigan (Networks)

Week Two:

Aaron Clauset, SFI (MCMC)

Iain Couzin, Princeton (Group dynamics)

Jennifer Dunne, SFI (Foodwebs)

Jean Krivine

Neo Martinez, SFI (Foodwebs)

D. Eric Smith, SFI (Carnot, Chemistry, and Computation)

Dan Stein, NYU (Quenched Disorder, Spin Glasses, and Complexity)

Week Three:

Gidon Eshel, Bard College (Climate and Diet)

Doyne Farmer, SFI (Econophysics)

Dan Hruschka, SFI (Prehistoric Economies)

Willemien Kets, SFI (Herding)

Greg Leibon, Memento Security and Dartmouth College (Supervised and Unsupervised Learning and Markets)

Melanie Mitchell, PSU (Evolutionary Computing)

D. Eric Smith, SFI (Econophysics)

Week Four:

Cris Moore, SFI and UNM (Quantum Computing, Complexity)

Scott Page, University of Michigan