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Several museums are free every Friday from 5-8, so let's check them out!
Several museums are free every Friday from 5-8, so let's check them out!

I'm ([[User:Lfriedl|Lisa]]) hoping to see the [ O'Keeffe museum] on 6/13. Is anyone else game?
I'm ([[User:Lfriedl|Lisa]]) hoping to see the [ O'Keeffe museum] on 6/13. Is anyone else game?<br>
I'm game! [[Kathleen_Sprouffske|Kathleen]]
I'm game! [[Kathleen_Sprouffske|Kathleen]]

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Scheduled Fun

Near Future

Ping-Pong tournament for the champion of the world

Playing Ping-Pong is fun...and so is setting up a needlessly complex, round robin style, double secret elimination tournament FOR THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.

Anyone that likes ping-pong or setting things up should post and we can get the small plastic ball rolling.

Player list:

  • Michael Cox
  • Walter Zesk
  • Mark Rivera
  • Jie Ren


This is the CSSS'08 Santa Fe officiel Anthem:

Learn it so we can all sing along!

Case studies in complexity: The Wire

Start time: 9pm, Monday, 6/9, lower dorms common area (upstairs or downstairs)

I have obtained the DVD box set of Season 4 of The Wire. This show has already come up in several conversations I've had at this course, and pertains to such topics as:

  • How do you evolve an adaptive organization? (In Baltimore, you don't, apparently)
  • How does institutional dysfunction lead to complex functional systems?
  • What educational systems can have an impact on kids in low-income backgrounds ("corner kids"?)
  • How can informed, ethical people deal with the corrupt political process?
  • How do you combine Charles Dickens]-style extended novelistic narrative arcs with Michael Mann-style asskicking?

A couple of points. First, this show is immersive, and incredibly awesome. A nonlinear consequence of this is that people who haven't already become invested in the show may be hesitant to jump in with the fourth season. I'd like to encourage everyone to give it a shot who may be interested; it's far enough ahead that I think it actually won't spoil it for you if you later go back to the beginning. And this season is of particular interest for many of the issues I've discussed here, since it particularly focuses both on the educational system and electoral politics. The creators, David Simon and Ed Burns, both have had extensive real-life experience in the city of Baltimore's police system (Burns was a homicide detective for many years), political system (Simon was a political reporter) and educational systems. A lot of the plot points come from real life events, and the characterization is better than anything I've ever seen on TV.

I'll start Monday 6/9 (punted from Sunday b/c of NBA Finals) and update this space to schedule continuations. There are 13 episodes this season, so it'll take 4 or 5 goes, at least, to get through it.

Cheers, Sayres 19:06, 8 June 2008 (MDT)


Activities and Interests

Euro championship 2008

The European championship just started yesterday (and the swiss just got defeated! LoL). What matches do we want to see? I guess there's an Italy - France we cannot avoid!

Problem: matches are at 10am or 12:45am (local time). How to see them without interfering with the classes?

Put matches you are interested in here:

France vs Italy - 17/06 12:45am Giovanni

More generally all the games of the group C Jeremie France vs Romania - 17/06 10:45am Italy vs Holland - 17/06 12:45am

We can setup to see the replay of a particular game after classes provided we don't know the result already. Replay games are free and live games 3 euros in internet. For games on Saturday or Sunday we can go to a bar downtown. Mauricio

Discovering the surroundings

Interested in discovering the surroundings? The meaning of "surrounding" is scale-free - this could be just Los Alamos but maybe also as far as the Grand Canyon. Are you interested? Got some ideas? Go here and write it down.

Hiking Activities

  • Hiking this Week end 6/14 and/or 6/15 - Wheelers Peak

please edit or confirm until Thursday morning if possible !!!

  • over night trip, sleeping at lake:

Qiqi + friend
Mark (?)(please let know early cuz of van-reservation)

> i am trying to get sleeping bags, camping pads, tents for everybody
> i have also a stove and mayba a water pump, I'll check
> please lets meet to discuss details: Thursday morning at breakfirst at 8:30!?!? start Saturday at 10am?, buy dinner/brekky/lunch stuff in Taos... etc.:
> make sure you bring plenty of warm stuff, might get really cold at night!
> who can drive? Sonja + ______

  • 1 big day on Sunday:

Rob (I'll be in Taos for saturday night so don't need transport - will aim to coordinate meeting at the trail head on sunday, depending on timings)
Juqui (?? sorry)

> Kolbjörn: please lets organize the car thing together
> you start at 6am
> make sure to bring plenty of water and warm (!!) stuff for the high elevations
> please make sure to get organized yourself

  • either one big day or some small hike

> please delete and subscripe above if you wish to do so, or get in touch and plan different (and have fun :) )

  • Hiking this Saturday 6/14

So we are thinking about the next big hike. According to preferences we can have one big group like last time or divide in small groups to hike at different places. Here are a few options so far:

1-Wheeler Peak. Altitute 13.000 ft. 15 miles overall. Near Taos, NM. (2hr drive) Need warm clothes for cold temp, especially at night: Some people are thinking on camping so equipment will be needed.

  • Update This could be done by overnight camping near a lake: Drive to Taos on Saturday, Hike in to lake (2 hours), stay overnight (or leave, if cars want to split), climb the steep peak on Sunday (4-5 hours), drive home.

I am about to try to get gear from St Johns or the SANTA FE MOUNTAIN SPORTS
please sign in if interested
How many tents do we have / need
How many large backpacks, sleeping packs, isomats...

Sonja: 1 backback, tent, waterpump (i think), water-pills, mat
Dirk: 2 backpacks, bivouac sack, mat

2-Tent Rocks. 3 miles. Nice and easy day hike near Santa Fe.

3-Nambe Lake. 11.000 ft. 6 miles. May be still covered with snow and cold. Location: Albuquerque area. This 6-mile out-and-back adventure serves up mountain forests, a peaceful creek, and an unbeatable lunch spot on the banks of a small alpine lake.


4-Rio en Medio trail. a nice waterfall about 45 minutes from the trailhead, then continue up on the main trail for 4 miles out + 4 miles back (back at the junction with trail 150). So it's an 8-mile out and back, follows the Rio en Medio the whole way. There are nice small pools on the right as you go up (there's one in particular with a sandy bottom and a small waterfall), and a nice big meadow on the right. You can also do a longer hike by doing the whole "La Junta" circuit.

Though the camping sounds great, realistically I'll probably only be up for a day hike. They all sound great. Maybe one that is not too far from here? (I want to hike more than drive) ~Molly

Banderleros links:


Hola CSSS'ers,

Let's get together and explore the beauty and wilderness of Santa Fe's mountains!

Start by joining our Facebook group:

CSSS'08 Hiking Group

Hasta la vista! Carlos

I've always wanted to see the Native American cliff dwellings. There are ruins near Santa Fe!


Wayne continues his tireless effort to get a group in to a rehearsal; probably Tuesday, June 24. It would be late (9pm - midnight) and during "crunch time", but on the other hand definitely worth it, so we just need to plan ahead a bit. In the interim, this looks adorable, and might be an option for next weekend.

Santa Fe Complex (Downtown in the Railyard)

When you are downtown, feel free to use the new Santa Fe Complex as a home away from St. John's. SFComplex is a non-profit dedicated to applied complexity, urban planning and computational art. We have a large 4000 square foot common space in the railyard where the train locomotives used to be repaired. In the space are projection screens and broadband access. Use the space for CSSS projects, film screenings, ad-hoc lectures or meeting others in Santa Fe in the Applied Complexity space. Or, just play some music and hang out into the wee hours. The address is 632 Agua Fria. More info at Want to know more, contact Stephen Guerin at (505)577-5828 or Owen Densmore (505)570-0168.

Get A Bike (for the month)

Get a bicycle to ride around while in Santa Fe from a bike collective place called Chain Breaker. Their website is under maintenance right now, but here's some info on them.

Board Games

I’ve seen a couple of other folks have interests in playing board games. It would be fun to get folks together to play some evenings. I’m always up for learning a new game and meeting other players. I’m going to bring a few that are small and compact enough to travel. Maybe others can bring some too? Cheers, Devin

I started a list so we know what will be in Santa Fe. Add to the list if you'll bring it with you. Board Game List

Ultimate Frisbee

I (Nish) brought a disc and cones to play some Ultimate on the weekends (or after class). I'm happy to just throw around as well. Ultimate is, or can be, super casual and a lot of fun. Grab me some time if you want to throw (I always have a disc nearby) or if you're interested in playing a game (no prior experience necessary).

Hi Nish! I just checked this ultimate frisbee on youtube. Kinda cool game!!! I think it should be played here in the morning--it will be too windy after the class.... Rio

Local Music

I love live music, especially folk/bluegrass. I did some quick searching and there are a few shows I think I will go to this month in Santa Fe:

June 7, 1PM: Sharon Gilchrist at Cowgirl

June 20, evening: Raising Cane

Those are just the two I've found, I'm up for whatever


Ten Thousand Waves is very close to St. John's. Any interest?

Definitely. Kathleen

Me too! Peter

*Cough* *Cough* Drinking

Well, let's be honest, we all drink :) To facilitate the great discussions that occur with the act of imbibing, I'm volunteering to be our "Beer Baron". I will drive to Albertson's every day or two and pick up beer and any booze folks want me to. Please indicate your preferences. Every night, starting around 9pm, you will find folks in the Lower Commons (near the muse dorms) hanging out, drinking, playing (Swiffer) pool and Foos(pool)ball. I'm told the Upper Commons have pool cues and foosballs we may want to "steal" at night. Stop by whenever you would like and chip in a few bucks to help keep my costs down :)

 Update: Unfortunately, I was warned Wednesday evening by a St. John's student that keeping beer in the fridge in
 the Lower Commons may result in said beer being stolen. So most of the beer is being stored in my room (Polyhymnia
 15). I will try and move it to the fridge each evening between 8 and 9PM, if I'm on campus. Sorry for the
 Further update: For St. John's sake and our own, let's also not be striving for crazy parties or anything. Just
 social activities with reasonable social drinking :) Thanks for your cooperation.



A few of us have started what we hope is a bi-weekly (or more!) game of basketball. So far we've been playing between the end of classes and dinner (4:45 to 5:30ish), but this is mutable. I will update this page as soon as we have specific plans to play again. Email me (David Foster) if you have any questions. My email address is on my page. If your question is "I am not very good", the answer is: "Neither are we."

I'm down for some hoops action (that time at Duke has to be good for something), let me know when you guys are playing - Justin


Sources of information: Wikitravel Santa Fe, and page 6 of St. John's visitor information. Note that the "museums on the hill" are around the corner (20 min walk) from St. John's.

Several museums are free every Friday from 5-8, so let's check them out!

I'm (Lisa) hoping to see the O'Keeffe museum on 6/13. Is anyone else game?
I'm game! Kathleen

Old/Completed fun

Early Arrivals

Wednesday June 4

Board Game evening (around 8pm)

Location: Common Room (ground floor) #37 on the map

Organizer: Devin

Looks like Wednesday might be the first unscheduled evening, so let’s meet up! Interested folks should bring any games they have or just show up ready to play. Let's see if we can take over the Common Room (lower floor) in the lower dorm area. I really enjoy teaching new players and I’ve brought along several that take only minutes to learn, so come join even if you’re just looking for a way to pass some time. Also, I brought several games that can accommodate a large number of people (up to 8 people).

Wednesday June 11

Albuquerque Isotopes Baseball Game

Any interest in going to see an Albuquerque Isotopes baseball game? Next Wednesday June 11 might be a good day since I don't think there are any after hours events scheduled. Game time is 7pm so we could leave after class and easily make it on time. Looks like tickets are $9 and $11 (plus $3 online fee).

List your name if you want to attend. Let me know by Sunday and I'll buy the tickets.

Justin Darkoch

Please count me in - Mauricio

I'll come, too. Also, I can drive as the minivan fits 6 people. - Cathy

in for the isotopes Walt

Sounds like fun - Skyler

Board Games

Tired of learning about game theory? Let's play some games!

Location: Lower Commons (upper floor)

Time: 8pm (Wednesday June 11th)

We haven't had a chance to play the classic Settlers of Catan, so that's going to be the first order of business. After that, we've got lots of games to choose from. Let's get more people this time, so pass the word.