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CSSS Argentina 2008

Week 1 (tentative)

Definition of chaos; examples in various fields

An extended example: the logistic map. Introduce: bifurcations; bifurcation diagram and its structure, incl. Feigenbaum number; fractals and their connection to chaos

Continuous-time dynamics: definition

Introduce concepts: state variables, state space, trajectory, initial condition, transient, attractor, basin of attraction, fixed point, stability, bifurcation, parameter

An extended example: the Lorenz system: history, physical meaning, trajectories, attractors, bifurcations (examples & definitions), types of attractors, stability: definition & mathematics, eigen. , un/stable manifolds, Lyapunov exponent and the connection to chaos

Numerical solvers: roles and issues


Projection vs section

Poincare sections in space & time

Delay-coordinate embedding

Examples: roulette, the SFI competition

Applications: filtering, control of chaos, synchronization & communication, spacecraft orbits, chaos in the solar system, harnessing the butterfly effect in fluids

Week 2

Grégoire Nicolis


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Supporting Material:

Complex Systems - Scholarpedia
Interdisciplinary Center for Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems - G. Nicolis
Foundations of Complex Systems - G. Nicolis, C. Nicolis
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