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{{CSSS 2008 Argentina}}
{{CSSS 2008 Argentina}}

[[Media: Barreneche - CSSSposter.pdf| Ecological Networks: Evolution and Interaction between topology and dynamics - J. Barreneche, D. Bravo, M. Esposito, D. Hartasanchez, F. Valdovinos]]
*[[Media: Barreneche - CSSSposter.pdf| Ecological Networks: Evolution and Interaction between topology and dynamics]] - Juan Barreneche, Diego S. Bravo, Massimiliano Esposito, Diego Hartasanchez, Fernanda Valdovinos <br />
*[[Media: HIV_CSSS08_Bariloche_poster.pdf| Insights into the Dynamical Evolution of the HIV genome]] - Carlo Altamirano, Guillermo Espinoza, Peter Klimek, Tomas Perez-Acle, Miguel Ponce de Leon, Alejandro Rozenfeld <br />
*[[Media: Olivaetal-PPLV.pdf| Spatial predator-prey ecological system: The influence of local interactions]] - Maurice Oliva, Mayra Nunez-Lopez, Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos, Julio Benavides, Edgardo Brigatti <br />
*[[Media: SmellyBrain2008_poster.pdf| How do brains smell?]] - Alvaro Cabana, Jesse Lasky, Bruno Mota, Grace Xu <br />
*[[Media: Velazquez.pdf| Random Walks over Neutral Networks]] - Paula Fergnani, Evandro Ferrada, Yerali Gandica, Christine Lamanna, Sirio Orozco, Rodrigo Vargas, Jorge Velazquez <br />
*[[Media: camel.pdf| Network effects on game dynamics]] - Ana Ines Borthagaray , Carlos Perez-Espigares, Ezequiel, Lucas Uzal, Matt Luck <br />
*[[Media: maier.pdf| Dynamic adaptation behavior in fluctuacting environments in biological and economical systems]] - Maier Avendano, Daniel Gonzalez, Marcos Gaudiano <br />
*[[Media: poster_bezerra.pdf| Metabolic Scaling in Plant Growth]] - Ana Pastore y Piontti, Constanza Weinburg, Diogo Melo, George Bezerra, Leandro M. Alonso <br />
*[[Media: trees.pdf| Properties of climate time series and implications for tree growth across latitudes]] - Paula Fergnani, Evandro Ferrara, Yerali Gandica, Christine Lamanna, Siro A. Orozco-Fuentes, Rodrigo Vargas, Jorge Velazquez-Castro <br />

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