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CSSS Santa Fe 2007

Anyone for Bridge?

  • I realise this may be betraying my inner geek a little too much, but I was just wondering if anyone at the school was interested in getting together for a bit of just-for-fun bridge? If enough people are interested, then maybe we could organise a regular evening while we're here. It's a great game and should appeal to all complexity students! (9 out of 10 Grandmothers can't be wrong......!) Any takers, just get in touch with me! [Hannah]

You are a geek. I like playing 500. I would be up for learning Bridge if people are patient. [Ryan]

Have to admit that I played some bridge a loooong time ago... forgotten most about it by now though. But I'm willing to give it a shot (hope for your own sake that you're better in bridge than in pool Hannah ;D) [Johan]

its time to face facts: we all are geeks (you too have been tainted with this brush ryan!) and should be wallowing in it. can this session be titled "everything you ever wanted to know about bridge but were too afraid to ask?" if so, I am in [dan]

I'm sure I can manage to articulate the basics to a willing audience ;o) Hannah

Monday June 4th

  • at 7pm: soccer match @ the athletic field; be there! [Olaf]
  • Monday June 4th, 9pm, Polyhmynia 13, Scotch tasting, hosted by Ben Mazzotta

Wednesday, June 6th

Friday, June 8th

Saturday, June 9th

  • some time in the morning: Excursion to southern NM - Socorro and/or White Sands and/or Roswell. [Gregor] and [T1M]
  • Climbing excursion: If you're in, contact me at vikas.shah (at) so we can make plans. We'll be at [Las Conchas] or [Palomas]. Let me know which you prefer. I've been to Conchas, fun smaller area with an easy approach. Never been to Palomas, has a substantially longer approach. I have topos available for both; descriptions and some of the routes are described at the links above. [Vikas Shah]
    • Update 6/7 1:30PM : My car is full. If anyone else would like to come, we'll have to arrange for another driver to come.
    • Update 6/8 8:50AM : There was unfortunately an injury, and one of the people going had to back out. There's room for one more.

june 9-10

two-day trip: saturday, june 9, very early in the morning, drive to the chaco culture national historical park. many hiking trails to choose from. stay overnight. sunday, june 10, hike the la luz trail, stroll the albuquerque streets if time permits [rafal]

Hike up Santa Fe Baldy, Saturday, June 9th

  • A few of us plan to hike up Santa Fe Baldy on Saturday. Who is keen? We will figure out transport once we know who's coming.[Ryan]

yeah sounds awesome. mike

i'm in. elise

I'm in. Monika

looks cool - are you planning on early morning or evening? lightning is possible in afternoon i guess. i have a car - john

sounds great mate - should we pack lunch & beers? dan

june 16 or 17

saturday, june 16 or sunday, june 17, whitewater rafting in the taos box canyon, $118 per person, need six people to guarantee a paddle raft + somebody with a second car [rafal]

I'm in. Monika

June 21

Thursday The 50th birthday ( Golden JUBILEE _!!! ) of one of the CSSS'ers is falling on this date. Guess who ? Any ideas about a birthday cake, etc ?

june 23

saturday, june 23, need three people for premium box seating for the santa fe rodeo for the 7pm show. the 4-person box is $120 + $8 booking fee, so the cost is $32 per person. need to book asap as the front boxes are disappearing at an alarming rate [rafal]

I would like to join ! Saleha Habibullah ( )

cricket anyone?

I've been getting some sniffs of interest in the game! I can probably arrange a bat here and we can play tennis ball cricket (I can also offer a tutorial on cricket ;) - for proper leather ball cricket, folks are welcome to practice with the UNM cricket club at Albuquerque coming saturday around noon! (dont worry, it's fun cricket and not professional quality either!), the club (and I) then travel to Colorado for a couple of matches 16/17 June; so if some are interested in a Colorado trip, let me know. [amitabh]

Photographers unite!

I have met quite a few avid photography enthusiasts here. Let's form a group. NM is a wonderful state for photography, maybe we can plan something! [amitabh]

I'd be happy to point you to some excellent places- we have no shortage here in NM. Lolly

I would love to join. The only problem is that I left my camera back home ! HELP ! Saleha Habibullah

Hey, that would be great Lolly !! I'd love to go see some beautiful places ! I'll be writing to you soon :) -- Amelie

I'm not much of a photographer yet, but I brought my camera, and I’m always looking for opportunities to practice. -- jd

El Farol

Since the El Farol Restaurant and Bar has become immortalized in the complexity literature (The El Farol Bar Problem), we should check it out. [Paul]

How about an outing some evening next week? Thursday or Friday night (14th or 15th)? I'm staying about a block from El Farol, on Acequia Madre... Should we run the NetLogo simulation first? :) Mollie

mountain biking

the dale ball trails starting from the back of st john's provide 22mi+ of what looks like pretty nice trails for biking (& walking!), plus there are many more excellent trails local and otherwise, and there is also a local bus for $2/day to access some of these. I know aussie simon has aquired a trusty steed and I also have a bike arriving so drop me a line if you keen to get amongst it - it is also possible to rent bikes in town, cheers, aussie dan