CSSS 2007 Santa Fe-After Hours

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CSSS Santa Fe 2007

Monday June 4th

  • at 7pm: soccer match @ the athletic field; be there! [Olaf]
  • Monday June 4th, 9pm, Polyhmynia 13, Scotch tasting, hosted by Ben Mazzotta

Wednesday, June 6th

Friday, June 8th

Saturday, June 9th

  • some time in the morning: Excursion to southern NM - Socorro and/or White Sands and/or Roswell. [Gregor] and [T1M]
  • Climbing excursion: If you're in, contact me at vikas.shah (at) so we can make plans. [Vikas Shah]

Sunday, June 10th

  • These hills look like they need some hiking. Who is up for a decent hike some time on Sunday? Location will depend on whether any willing participants have cars. [Ryan]