CSSS 2006 Santa Fe

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CSSS 2006 Santa Fe

Welcome to the the Santa Fe Complex Systems Summer School page for 2006.

If you're attending the Santa Fe school this year, please jump over to the participants page, click on your name, and enter a short bio and upload a picture of yourself.


6/9/06 - A [feedback form] for week one of the summer school has been posted. Please take a moment to fill out the form. Your feedback helps us develop next year's program. A new form will be posted each week.

6/7/06 - New page with after hour activities. Post the details (dates, times, meeting places) about your activity here.

3/17/06 - The CSSS 2006 forum is up and ready for posting. Stop by and introduce yourself, ask questions, and get to know fellow students.

3/15/06 - We've started a basic help page to get you started editing the wiki. Please feel free to add your help links there.