CSSS 2006 Beijing-Final Details

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CSSS 2006 Beijing


Please download and print the three documents below. These maps and addresses will be helpful if you do not arrive in time for a shuttle to the Fragrant Villa and have to go there by taxi.

PDF map of Beijing

PDF map of Fragrant Villa and surrounding area

PDF addresses and phone numbers for Fragrant Villa (week 1) and the ITP Guesthouse (weeks 2-4)


It will be very hot and humid in Beijing in July. The atmosphere for the school will be casual so cool, loose clothing is appropriate. While tank tops and short-shorts are discouraged, t-shirts and normal shorts are fine. The Fragrant Villa is located adjacent to a beautiful park with ample opportunities for walking and hiking so you may wish to have good walking shoes.

The final banquet will be held in a nice hotel with some high level officials attending. You may be comfortable bringing one nicer outfit to wear on the final evening, but this is not required.


HEALTH INSURANCE: It is very important that you have health insurance coverage while attending the summer school. International participants are especially advised to make sure they have adequate coverage before entering China. Please check with the company with whom you currently have information to determine your level of coverage overseas. If you are not covered internationally, we recommend a short-term policy with American Express or a similar institution.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: If you take prescription medication, you should bring enough medication to last the duration of your stay. You should also bring a copy of your prescription from your doctor.

PREPARATORY TREATMENT: Prior to arriving in Beijing, it is recommended that foreign travelers consult their doctor about possible vaccinations. Although each visitor should consult his/her physician on an individual basis, it is typically recommended that visitors to Beijing are up to date on shots for Tetanus, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, MMR, and Varicella. Students planning independent travel in areas of rural China will also want to discuss additional precautions with their physician.


Although housing and meals are provided, students will want to bring some money for incidentals. International ATMs are available in Beijing. Foreign students who plan to use ATMs should check with their bank to see if they can access an ATM in Beijing. Travelers Cheques are also popular among foreign travelers, but may be difficult to cash. Ensure you have Chinese Renmin Bi (or RMB) before leaving the airport. You can exchange US dollars at the airport, use your ATM card or exchange Travelers Cheques at the airport. Exchanging money at the Fragrant Villa will be difficult. Once we move to ITP there are will several nearby banks that exchange RMB for hard currency.