Building Integrative Models of Linguistic Change - Bios

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Confirmed participants

• Tanmoy Bhattacharya (Santa Fe Institute & Los Alamos National Laboratory) Phylogenetic Models

• Joan Bybee (University of New Mexico) Grammaticization and Construction Grammar

• Rena Torres Cacoullos (University of New Mexico) Language Variation and Change

• Morten Christiansen (Cornell University) Language Acquisition and Processing

• Murray Cox (University of Arizona & SFI) Coevolution of Languages and Genes

• William Croft (University of New Mexico) Construction grammar & language evolution

• Peter Culicover (The Ohio State University) Computational models of language change

• Marcus Feldman (Stanford University) Cultural evolution

• Murray Gell-Mann (Santa Fe Institute & California Institute of Technology) Historical Linguistics

• Russell Gray (University of Auckland) Phylogenetic models of language dispersal

• John Holland (University of Michigan) Agent-based models of language evolution

• Ray Jackendoff (Tufts University) Natural language structure

• Simon Kirby (University of Edinburgh) Mathematical & computational models of language evolution

• Tania Kuteva (Heinrich Heine University) Grammaticalization & creolization

• Steve Lansing (University of Arizona) Social structure, language and genetics

• April McMahon (University of Edinburgh) Quantitative methods in linguistic classification

• Mark Pagel (University of Reading) Phylogenetic models of language evolution

• Ilia Peiros (Santa Fe Institute) Historical reconstruction

• Shana Poplack (University of Ottawa) Language change in contact situations

• Dan Slobin (University of California, Berkeley) Psycholinguistics and historical language change

• D. Eric Smith (Santa Fe Institute) Generalist

• Paul Smolensky (Johns Hopkins University) Optimality Theory

• Georgiy Starostin (Russian State University) Historical reconstruction

• Andrew Wedel (University of Arizona) Psycholinguistics and language change

• Jon Wilkins (Santa Fe Institute) Evolutionary Biology