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4[[Varsha S Kulkarni]]
4[[Varsha S Kulkarni]]
5[[Lara Danilova-Burdess]]

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CSSS Santa Fe 2009

Randy Haas is organizing a field trip out to Bandelier on Saturday June 13. Please sign up here so we know who's going.

Also: If you have a car, please let us know. We have three vehicles so far and can take about 8 people total. The more cars, the more people.

Note: Cars aren't "assigned", the seats are just so we know if we have enough space.

We're looking into renting a car, please let Randy know if you'd like to contribute.

Car 1: Randy's Truck: 2 seats

1 Randy Haas

2 Steven Lade

Car 2: Mahyar's Sedan: 4 seats

1 Mahyar Malekpour

2 Margreth Keiler

3 Angela Onslow

4 Allison Shaw

5 Roozbeh Daneshvar (was the 4 seats including the driver or excluding?!)

Car 3: John Paul's Sedan: 4 Seats

1 John Paul Gonzales

2 Karen Simpson

3Mauricio Gonzalez-Forero

4Varsha S Kulkarni

5Lara Danilova-Burdess

Car 4: Dave Brooks' Sedan: 4 Seats

1 Dave Brooks

2 Barbara Bauer

3 Milena Tsvetkova

4 Murad Mithani

Car 5: Tom Carter: 3 Seats

1 Sean Brocklebank

2 Wendy Ham

3 Brian Hollar

Massimo Mastrangeli: Damn, I saw this too late, anyway I'd like to sing up for this.