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Complex Systems Summer School 2014

Please sign up here so we know who's going.
Also: If you have a car, please put it down. The more cars we have, the more people we can take.

We'll meet Saturday at 10:00am in the parking circle.

Please remember to bring a hat, sunscreen, water, hiking shoes, and anything else you'll need for a day out in the field.

If you would like to rent a car please visit the SFI website for more info

Hi Anna - what time are we getting back? How long is the walk? I'm guessing a few hours?


JP's 4Runner (on loan) (5 seats)

1.Alireza Goudarzi (I do have a NM driver's license and can follow directions or other two vehicles)
2. Michael Kalyuzhny
3. Massimo Stella
4. Blaz Krese
5. Nicolas Scholtes
6. Pooya Rezaei

Juniper's Car (4 seats)

1. Juni
2. Bernardo Furtado
3. Anna Olson
4. Jennifer Hellmann
5. Jess

Laurent's Car (3 seats)

1. Laurent
2. Flavia Marquitti
3. Matthew Ayres
4. Sean Hayes

Jessica's Car (3 seats)

1. Morgan Edwards
2. Claire Lagesse
3. Claudius Graebner

Rental Car 1

1. Stefan Pfenninger
2.Degang Wu
3.James Holdener
4. Cole Mathis
5.Ernest Yu Liu

Rental Car 2

1.Beth Lusczek
2.Leto Peel
3.Sanja Selakovic
4. Diego Barneche
5.José Aguilar-Rodríguez

James' Rental

1. James Gentile (driver)
2. Brais [I can drive]
3. Lin Li
4. Renske Vroomans
5. Cecilia Andreazzi

Still needs a ride

1. Alberto
2. Francesca
3. George

I suggest we check out how many seats are still missing on wednesday and then try to rent the corresponding number of cars. JP mentioned that SFI has a collaboration with the local car rental service, so it should not be too much of an issue! (Claudius)