Assessing the Promise of Artificial Intelligence

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SFI ACtioN Roundtable

March 12, 2020
Goldman Sachs Headquarters
200 West Street
New York, NY 10282

The impact of a technology depends on its efficacy, growth trajectory, and implementation. Much of this nuance is obscured by media hype cycles, which tend to oscillate between presenting new technologies as panaceas or abject failures. This roundtable discussion will take stock of the present state of machine learning techniques and explore the likely pitfalls involved in using these tools to assist human decision-making. Specifically, the meeting will use complexity science as a lens to assess the current capabilities of AI, and explore the logical, behavioral, and ethical problems inherent in integrating AI into human systems. The meeting will also explore a few areas of complexity science where development could significantly affect AI in the near future.

This small round table will be led by members of the SFI research community, each of whom will provide a 30-minute presentation, followed by an equal amount of time for discussion. Space is limited.