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   |7:00 pm  
   |7:00 pm  
   |'''Keynote Talk'''
   |'''Keynote Talk'''
[ W. Brian Arthur], ''PARC and Santa Fe Institute''
   |8:00 pm  
   |8:00 pm  

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November 8 - 9, 2019
Santa Fe Institute

Friday, November 8, 2019

Agent-based Models for Complexity Economics - Executive Briefing
Santa Fe Institute - Cowan Campus

9:00 am Opening Remarks: Computational Models as a Vehicle for Understanding Complexity Economics
10:00 am Fundamentals of Agent-based Models

William Rand, North Carolina State University

12:00 pm Adjourn

General Session
Inn at Loretto - Zuni Ballroom

12:00 pm Lunch (Tesuque Room) and Registration
1:00 pm Introduction to New Complexity Economics

David Krakauer, Santa Fe Institute

1:15 pm Network Economics

Matthew Jackson, Stanford University and Santa Fe Institute

2:15 pm Break
2:45 pm Non-Ergodic Economics

Ole Peters, London Mathematical Laboratory and Santa Fe Institute

3:45 pm Neuroeconomics
4:45 pm Cocktails and Dinner Reception at The Inn at Loretto
7:00 pm Keynote Talk

W. Brian Arthur, PARC and Santa Fe Institute

8:00 pm Adjourn

Saturday, November 9, 2019

General Session
Inn at Loretto - Zuni Ballroom

8:00 pm Breakfast (Tesuque Room) and Registration
9:00 am Panel: Computational Economics
10:00 am Panel: New Economic Physics
11:00 am Break
11:30 am Panel: The Economic Organism
12:30 pm Lunch (Tesuque Room)
1:30 pm Panel: Economic Architectures
2:30 pm Practitioner Panel
3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm Debate
5:00 pm Adjourn
5:30 pm Reception at Miller Campus