Anjali Tarun

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016


Anjali Tarun, University of the Philippines

I took my masters in Physics in the University of the Philippines, which is also where I worked as a full-time physics instructor. My research deals mainly with the spatiotemporal characterization of small and large-scale self-organized dynamical systems (earthquakes and granular avalanches). The approach I use is based on a generalized method of constructing a temporally directed network, wherein events are connected based on their spatial separations. By looking at the degree distribution and other features of the network, one can infer the possible presence of causal structure in the system (patterns in space and time, i.e foreshocks and aftershocks). I also do experiments on granular avalanches, and I analyze them using a series of image and video processing algorithms. Although I mainly do complexity science research, I'm also fond of machine learning and data science.

I also work as part-time research assistant in a university-based research project about the complexity of Philippine public school system, which attempts to model the resilience of the schools to disaster occurrences. Preliminary analyses I did are basic statistical tests and neural networks.

Between graduate school, teaching and research, I make sure that I get enough dose of fun by traveling and meeting new people, once in awhile.