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An example of a [ remixed song].
An example of a [ remixed song].
Sample themes from which to generate variations: [ A mysterious theme], [ and another], [ maybe that's the last.]

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011

This is a page for mysterious things. Stay tuned for mysterious things by the musically inclined.

Software: Chaotic Resampling

A suite of stuff that takes a midi and a Lorenz data file and produces a chaotically mapped midi:

To run this at the command line:

> sourceMidi destinationMidi LorenzMapFile

There are two Lorenz data files included produced with TISEAN - lorenzR45.dat is a chaotic mapping.

The suite includes a General program for chaotically resampling a string and uses MIDICSV.

An example of a remixed song.

Sample themes from which to generate variations: A mysterious theme, and another, maybe that's the last.


Awesome! I've spent this evening programming a percussive kit for us to base our track around, and also the chord sequence on the bass. I didn't think the chord sequence that we came up with this afternoon flowed very well, so if it's OK with the others could I propose that we change to Am -> Em -> Dm -> Em instead? -Martin


Tried to install midicsv and sundries onto laptop. Made empty chaotic midi and observed following errors on terminal:

csvmidi: Error on line 4564:

   1, 91200, Note_off_c, 0,73, 100
 Events out of order; this event is before the previous..

It may be as simple as changing my PATH variable, but not sure why this is popping up with midicsv is installed to /usr/local

A standard I-V-IV-V progression works for me. -Nini

1530 17 June 2011 - fixed. I think it was probably a problem with file size or (more likely) the existence of multiple tracks. Also, if you want to make simple midis, a good way to write simple melodies is to use Aria Maestosa, which is a cross platform midi composer.