2004 Complex Systems Summer School Qingdao-Faculty

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2004 Complex Systems Summer School Qingdao

Dai Ruwei
Key Lab of Complex Systems and Intelligence Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Robert Eisenstein
Santa Fe Institute

Doug Erwin
Smithsonian Institution/Santa Fe Institute

Dave Feldman
College of the Atlantic

Michelle Girvan
Santa Fe Institute

Han Jing
Institute of Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hao Bailin
Institute for Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

John Holland
University of Michigan

Satoru Miyano
University of Tokyo

John Olsen
University of Arizona

Thomas Peacock
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Richard Redding
University of Michigan

D. Eric Smith
Santa Fe Institute

Wang Fei-yue
University of Arizona

Wang Shi-Yuan (William)
City University of Hong Kong

Yu Chen
Renmin University

Zhao Qianchuan
Tsinghua University

Zhao Zhijun
Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences