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{{2002 Complex Systems Summer School Santa Fe}}
{{2002 Complex Systems Summer School Santa Fe}}
'''Floortje Alkemade'''<br />
Evolutionary Systems/Network Economics<br />
Netherlands Research Ctr. for CS/Math<br />
Amsterdam, The Netherlands<br />
'''Keki Burjorjee'''<br />
Brain and Cognitive Science<br />
University of Rochester<br />
Rochester, NY<br />
'''Roger Burkhart'''<br />
Information Systems<br />
Deere & Company<br />
Moline, IL<br />
'''Arancha Casal'''<br />
Immunology, Immuno-informatics, Distributed Systems<br />
Stanford Medical Center<br />
Stanford, CA<br />
'''Carolina Castaldi'''<br />
Economics<br />
Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies<br />
Sieci (FI), Italy<br />
'''Shubha Chakravarty'''<br />
Economics and Computer Science<br />
Brookings Institution<br />
Washington, DC<br />
'''Stewart Chang'''<br />
Bioinformatics<br />
University of Michigan<br />
Ann Arbor, MI<br />
'''Markus Christen<br />
Neuroinformatics<br />
University & ETH Zurich<br />
Zurich, Switzerland<br />
'''Kirsten Copren'''<br />
Population Biology<br />
University of California-Davis<br />
Davis, CA<br />
'''A.P. Jason de Koning'''<br />
Molecular Evolution<br />
University at Albany, SUNY<br />
Albany, NY<br />
'''Miles Efron'''<br />
Information Retrieval/Machine Learning<br />
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill<br />
Chapel Hill, NC<br />
'''Toby Elmhirst'''<br />
Nonlinear Dynamics and Evolution<br />
University of Warwick<br />
Coventry, England<br />
'''Anders Eriksson'''<br />
Game Theory, Emergent Properties of Complex Systems<br />
Chalmers / Göteborg University<br />
Gothenburg, SWEDEN<br />
'''Will Fischer'''<br />
Biology<br />
University of Texas at Austin<br />
Austin, TX<br />
'''Laura Franklin'''<br />
Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Mind<br />
Columbia University<br />
New York, NY<br />
'''Luis Garcia-Barrios'''<br />
Agroecology and Multispecies Agroecosystems Engineering<br />
El Colegio de la Frontera Sur. Mexico<br />
Chiapas, Mexico<br />
'''David Garvey'''<br />
Physics/National Security Decision Making<br />
US Navy<br />
Newport, RI<br />
'''Nicholas Geard'''<br />
Evolutionary Computation<br />
University of Queensland<br />
Graceville, Australia<br />
'''Vladimir Gelev'''<br />
Biological Chemistry<br />
Harvard Medical School<br />
Boston, MA<br />
'''Steven Goodreau'''<br />
Biological Anthropology / STD Epidemiology<br />
University of Washington<br />
Seattle, WA<br />
'''Timothy Gulden<br />
Public Policy (Environment)<br />
University of Maryland<br />
Silver Spring, MD<br />
'''Alexander Haxeltine'''<br />
Integrated Assessment Modelling of Climate Change<br />
University of East Anglia<br />
Norwich, UK<br />
'''Benjamin Heineike'''<br />
Applied Mathematics<br />
United States Naval Academy<br />
Annapolis, MD<br />
'''Richard Holden'''<br />
Crowd Dynamics<br />
Plymouth University<br />
Plymouth, England<br />
'''Santiago Jaramillo'''<br />
Electrical Engineering<br />
University of New Mexico<br />
Albuquerque, NM<br />
'''Dhruv Kaushal'''<br />
Neuroscience<br />
University of California-San Diego<br />
La Jolla, CA<br />
'''Marianna Klochko'''<br />
Sociology<br />
Cornell University<br />
Ithaca, NY<br />
'''Nandi Leslie'''<br />
Mathematical Ecology<br />
Princeton University<br />
Princeton, NJ<br />
'''Brian Long'''<br />
Microbiology and Immunology<br />
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill<br />
Chapel Hill, NC<br />
'''Karen May'''<br />
Development Economics<br />
The Council for Regional Equity<br />
Araiza Ownership Ventures<br />
Chicago, IL<br />
'''David Moh'''<br />
Bioinformatics<br />
Agilent Technologies<br />
Palo Alto, CA<br />
'''William Niedringhaus'''<br />
Computer Science<br />
The MITRE Corp.<br />
McLean, VA<br />
'''Igor Nikolic'''<br />
Sustainability, Human-earth system interaction, risks analysis of genetic modification<br />
Centre for Environmental Science, Leiden<br />
Leiden, The Netherlands<br />
'''Sylvie Occelli'''<br />
Urban modelling, spatial analysis<br />
Ires-Istituto di Ricerche Economico Sociali<br />
Turin, Italy<br />
'''Gabriela Ochoa Meier'''<br />
Computer Science/AI<br />
Universidad Simon Bolivar<br />
Caracas, Venezuela<br />
'''Masato Okuda'''<br />
Electrical Engineering<br />
Toyota Motor Corporation<br />
Japan<br />
'''Andreas Pape'''<br />
Economics<br />
University of Michigan<br />
Ann Arbor, MI<br />
'''Francisco Pereira'''<br />
Computer Science (Machine Learning/Neuroimaging)<br />
Carnegie Mellon University<br />
Pittsburgh, PA<br />
'''Amy Perfors'''<br />
cognitive science, linguistics, and biology<br />
Stanford University<br />
Stanford, CA<br />
'''John Pierce'''<br />
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology<br />
George Mason University<br />
McLean, VA<br />
'''Dean Podlich'''<br />
Quantitative Genetics, plant breeding<br />
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.<br />
Johnston, IA<br />
'''Adam Ponzi'''<br />
Physics and Complex Systems<br />
Tokyo University<br />
Tokyo, Japan<br />
'''William Rand'''<br />
Computer Science - Modeling<br />
University of Michigan<br />
Ann Arbor, MI<br />
'''Thimo Rohlf'''<br />
Theoretical Biophysics<br />
Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet Kiel<br />
Kiel, Germany<br />
'''Donald Rowe'''<br />
Psychological Medicine<br />
University of Sydney<br />
Sydney, Australia<br />
'''Neville Sanjana'''<br />
Computational and Cellular Neuroscience<br />
Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />
Cambridge MA<br />
'''Vishal Sanwalani'''<br />
Computational Complexity<br />
University of New Mexico<br />
Albuquerque, NM<br />
'''Maja Schlueter'''<br />
Landscape Modeling, Applied System Science<br />
University of Osnabrueck<br />
Bremen, Germany<br />
'''Ann Seiferle-Valencia'''<br />
Archaeology<br />
Harvard University<br />
Somerville, MA<br />
'''Anindya Sen'''<br />
Mathematical Finance<br />
University of Chicago<br />
Chicago, IL<br />
'''Sergey Shevkoplyas'''<br />
Biomedical Engineering<br />
Boston University<br />
Boston, MA<br />
'''Sarah Siegel'''<br />
Economics<br />
Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />
Cambridge, MA<br />
'''Steven Simpson'''<br />
Medicine - Critical Care - Sepsis<br />
University of Kansas School of Medicine<br />
Kansas City, KS<br />
'''Cindy Skach'''<br />
Political Science<br />
Harvard University<br />
Cambridge, MA<br />
'''Andy Stein'''<br />
Mechanical Engineering<br />
Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />
Boston, MA<br />
'''Roman Stocsits'''<br />
Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology<br />
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry <br />
Vienna, Austria<br />
'''Vanessa Timmer'''<br />
Resource Management and Environmental Studies<br />
Harvard University<br />
Cambridge, MA<br />
'''Edward Venit'''<br />
Evolutionary Biology<br />
Duke University<br />
Durham, NC<br />
'''Pablo Villoslada'''<br />
Neuroimmunology<br />
University of Navarra<br />
Pamplona, Spain<br />
'''Jesse Voss'''<br />
Environment-Behavior Studies<br />
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee<br />
Milwaukee, WI<br />
'''Martin Waszak'''<br />
Aerospace Engineering<br />
NASA Langley Research Center<br />
Hampton, VA<br />
'''Karoline Wiesner'''<br />
Physics<br />
Uppsala University<br />
Uppsala, Sweden<br />
'''Chris Winkle'''r<br />
Bioinformatics<br />
Pioneer Hi-Bred International<br />
Johnston, IA<br />
'''Jason Woodard'''<br />
Information Technology & Management<br />
Harvard University<br />
Boston, MA<br />
'''Haoyang Wu'''<br />
Signal Processing, Motor Control, Image Processing<br />
Tsinghua University<br />
Beijing, People's Republic of China<br />

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2002 Complex Systems Summer School Santa Fe

Floortje Alkemade
Evolutionary Systems/Network Economics
Netherlands Research Ctr. for CS/Math
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Keki Burjorjee
Brain and Cognitive Science
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

Roger Burkhart
Information Systems
Deere & Company
Moline, IL

Arancha Casal
Immunology, Immuno-informatics, Distributed Systems
Stanford Medical Center
Stanford, CA

Carolina Castaldi
Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
Sieci (FI), Italy

Shubha Chakravarty
Economics and Computer Science
Brookings Institution
Washington, DC

Stewart Chang
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Markus Christen
University & ETH Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

Kirsten Copren
Population Biology
University of California-Davis
Davis, CA

A.P. Jason de Koning
Molecular Evolution
University at Albany, SUNY
Albany, NY

Miles Efron
Information Retrieval/Machine Learning
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Toby Elmhirst
Nonlinear Dynamics and Evolution
University of Warwick
Coventry, England

Anders Eriksson
Game Theory, Emergent Properties of Complex Systems
Chalmers / Göteborg University
Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Will Fischer
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

Laura Franklin
Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Mind
Columbia University
New York, NY

Luis Garcia-Barrios
Agroecology and Multispecies Agroecosystems Engineering
El Colegio de la Frontera Sur. Mexico
Chiapas, Mexico

David Garvey
Physics/National Security Decision Making
US Navy
Newport, RI

Nicholas Geard
Evolutionary Computation
University of Queensland
Graceville, Australia

Vladimir Gelev
Biological Chemistry
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Steven Goodreau
Biological Anthropology / STD Epidemiology
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Timothy Gulden
Public Policy (Environment)
University of Maryland
Silver Spring, MD

Alexander Haxeltine
Integrated Assessment Modelling of Climate Change
University of East Anglia
Norwich, UK

Benjamin Heineike
Applied Mathematics
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD

Richard Holden
Crowd Dynamics
Plymouth University
Plymouth, England

Santiago Jaramillo
Electrical Engineering
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

Dhruv Kaushal
University of California-San Diego
La Jolla, CA

Marianna Klochko
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

Nandi Leslie
Mathematical Ecology
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

Brian Long
Microbiology and Immunology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Karen May
Development Economics
The Council for Regional Equity
Araiza Ownership Ventures
Chicago, IL

David Moh
Agilent Technologies
Palo Alto, CA

William Niedringhaus
Computer Science
The MITRE Corp.
McLean, VA

Igor Nikolic
Sustainability, Human-earth system interaction, risks analysis of genetic modification
Centre for Environmental Science, Leiden
Leiden, The Netherlands

Sylvie Occelli
Urban modelling, spatial analysis
Ires-Istituto di Ricerche Economico Sociali
Turin, Italy

Gabriela Ochoa Meier
Computer Science/AI
Universidad Simon Bolivar
Caracas, Venezuela

Masato Okuda
Electrical Engineering
Toyota Motor Corporation

Andreas Pape
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Francisco Pereira
Computer Science (Machine Learning/Neuroimaging)
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Amy Perfors
cognitive science, linguistics, and biology
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

John Pierce
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
George Mason University
McLean, VA

Dean Podlich
Quantitative Genetics, plant breeding
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
Johnston, IA

Adam Ponzi
Physics and Complex Systems
Tokyo University
Tokyo, Japan

William Rand
Computer Science - Modeling
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Thimo Rohlf
Theoretical Biophysics
Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet Kiel
Kiel, Germany

Donald Rowe
Psychological Medicine
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia

Neville Sanjana
Computational and Cellular Neuroscience
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge MA

Vishal Sanwalani
Computational Complexity
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

Maja Schlueter
Landscape Modeling, Applied System Science
University of Osnabrueck
Bremen, Germany

Ann Seiferle-Valencia
Harvard University
Somerville, MA

Anindya Sen
Mathematical Finance
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Sergey Shevkoplyas
Biomedical Engineering
Boston University
Boston, MA

Sarah Siegel
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

Steven Simpson
Medicine - Critical Care - Sepsis
University of Kansas School of Medicine
Kansas City, KS

Cindy Skach
Political Science
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Andy Stein
Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boston, MA

Roman Stocsits
Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry
Vienna, Austria

Vanessa Timmer
Resource Management and Environmental Studies
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Edward Venit
Evolutionary Biology
Duke University
Durham, NC

Pablo Villoslada
University of Navarra
Pamplona, Spain

Jesse Voss
Environment-Behavior Studies
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

Martin Waszak
Aerospace Engineering
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA

Karoline Wiesner
Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden

Chris Winkler
Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Johnston, IA

Jason Woodard
Information Technology & Management
Harvard University
Boston, MA

Haoyang Wu
Signal Processing, Motor Control, Image Processing
Tsinghua University
Beijing, People's Republic of China