2002 Complex Systems Summer School Santa Fe-Faculty

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2002 Complex Systems Summer School Santa Fe

Lauren Ancel
Santa Fe Institute and University of Houston

Andrew Belmonte
Pennsylvania State University

Samuel Bowles
University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Santa Fe Institute

Elizabeth Bradley
University of Colorado, Boulder

Thomas Carter
California State University, Stanislaus

James Crutchfield
Santa Fe Institute

Rob DeBoer
University of Utrecht

Herbert Gintis
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Ray Goldstein
University of Arizona

Richard Hughes
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Thomas Kepler
Santa Fe Institute

David Krakauer
Institute for Advanced Study and Santa Fe Institute

Melanie Mitchell
Santa Fe Institute

Harold Morowitz
George Mason University

Mark Newman
Santa Fe Institute

Michael North
Argonne National Laboratory

Alan Perelson
Los Alamos National Laboratory and Santa Fe Institute

Jonathan Shapiro
University of Manchester

Andreas Wagner
University of New Mexico

Duncan Watts
Columbia University