LIU Zhiyuan

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LIU Zhiyuan(刘知远)

Hi, I am very happy to be accepted to participate 2007 CSSS in Beijing. My Chinese name is 刘知远. I am a PhD student in Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. I received my bachelor's degree on Jul 11, 2006. Then I started my PhD career in Natural Language Processing Group, National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. My advisor is SUN Maosong professor. More detailed information can be found on my homepage. :)

My email is Wish your contacts.

Complex Networks of Human Language

I am interested in Chinese complex network properties, such as small world effect and scale-free distribution of degrees. I have done some work to display and analyze the complex network universal properties in Chinese co-occurrence networks, in which we define nodes as Chinese words and define links as significative co-occurrences between words in the same sentence. This work is based on some large Chinese tagged corpus with 60 million Chinese characters. Its research paper Chinese Co-occurrence Networks: Small world effect and Scale-Free Degree Distribution are submitted to some journal. From then on, I begin the analysis in Chinese syntactic dependency networks, and primary data displays the syntactic networks also share universal tendencies on complex networks with English and other languages, such as small world effect, scale-free distribution, hierarchical organization, betweenness centrality and Assortativeness. Meanwhile, some differences are discovered and will be analyzed further. It is my honor to have the chance to communicate with you. I believe it will be a happy and brilliant month for you, for me and for us.