Transformational Leadership Facts

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Transformational leadership is a popular theory in the leadership arena. It is a leadership style that is defined as leadership that creates valuable & positive change in the followers. It is about inspiring followers to go beyond role requirements in contributing to others and the organization. It is a vital role for effective managers because leader effectiveness determines the success level of the organization. Transformational leadership is based on an absolute conviction by managers that the business can be changed through changing employees.

Transformational leadership is for managers who find the current state of their business and employee management unacceptable. It is seen as an expansion of transactional leadership that goes beyond simple exchanges and negotiations. It is built on top of transactional leadership and uses more charisma. It is a process that changes and transforms individuals. Transformational leadership is not a quality that only a few privileged individuals possess.

Transformational leadership is a tool that enhances subordinate satisfaction. It is a matter of choice, and a matter of years of nurturing . It is more vital than ever in today’s ultra-competitive global marketplace. It is about engaging employees on the journey of change to ensure that the business objectives are met. Transformational leadership is also a great way for a sales business to boost the sales of their products.

Transformational leadership is becoming more and more a skill that people are looking for in their business partners. It is thought to achieve remarkable levels of performance from followers. It will enhance the positive relationship between Svadharma-orientation of the leader and follower’s trust in the leader. It has consistently demonstrated certain leader behaviors shape follower actions. Transformational leadership was found to have a high positive impact on overall company innovation.

Transformational leadership has been found to affect individual and organizational outcomes. It has been researched across a variety of international settings including health care.

Leadership communication is so much more than letting employees know what is happening in the organization and the reasons why. And whilst information tools such as the corporate intranet, town hall meetings, CEO emails and blogs are important they are only part of the communication mix. Transformational leadership is about engaging employees on the journey of change to ensure that the business objectives are met. The only way to successfully achieve this is by designing employee engagement strategies to compliment information on the change process.

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