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Marten Scheffer, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, (organiser)
Vasilis Dakos, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, (organiser)

My research focuses on early-warning signals for critical transitions in ecological, but not only, systems.
In 2011 I obtained my PhD under the supervision of Marten Scheffer and Egbert van Nes at the Department of Aquatic Ecology in Wageningen University.
More info on my research as well as a list of publications and available pdfs can be found at [1].

Steve Carpenter, University of Wisconsin, US, (organiser)
Egbert van Nes, Wageningen University, The Netherlands,
Buz Brock, University of Wisconsin, US,
Tony Ives, University of Wisconsin, US,
David Seekel, University of Virginia, US,
Sonia Kéfi, CNRS Montpelier, France,
Aaron Ellison, Harvard University, US,
Valerie Livina, University of East Anglia, UK,
Vishwesha Guttal, Princeton University, US,