Exploring Complexity in Science and Technology from a Santa Fe Institute Perspective - Home 2013

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The Santa Fe Institute's Short Course on Complexity: Exploring Complex Networks

Who Should Take This Course?

This two-and-a-half day introductory course focuses on the science of networks: a new field that studies common principles of complex networks across disciplines. Social and economic networks, food webs, the World Wide Web, and the power grid are examples of the kinds of systems that network science seeks to understand. In this course, taught by prominent Santa Fe Institute faculty and associates, you will learn the basic concepts and tools of this new science, and see several case studies of their application in diverse areas. You will also have the opportunity for discussion with the faculty and other participants about applications within your own areas of interest. You will come away with an understanding and appreciation of the importance of network science for biology, ecology, economics, business, human health, social life, and other pursuits.

This course is specifically designed for professionals, faculty, students and others who are curious to explore and apply ideas from network science. This course has no prerequisites and requires no specific math or science background. Examples of people who will particularly benefit from this course are managers and policy-makers in business, government, and non-profit organizations; industrial research and development staff; medical, social work, and education professionals; journalists; and university faculty and students in any area of science or social science.