Business Network Theme Week:The Future is Not What it Used to Be - BNet Strategy Game

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Business Network Strategy Game Session

A "Strategy Game" is a uniquely structured battle of minds between teams representing various players (and/or other third parties) in a market or industry. The objective is to predict third parties’ moves or countermoves and stress-test one’s own plans and strategies in as realistic a setting as possible; and thus, refine your position to be resilient against these most-likely responses.

To be held on Friday, September 18, the goal of this game is to evaluate and develop optimal collaboration strategies between the BNet membership and SFI. We are seeking the participation of a cross-section of BNet and the SFI community to contribute to this highly interactive process that includes team-based analysis, discussion and debate. This activity is being directed by Luciano Oviedo, Systems Analyst, Intel Corporation. He develops processes and technologies related to business, competitive and market analytics.

For more information, please leave any questions/comments at Luciano Oviedo's discussion page.

Events are held at the Santa Fe Institute unless otherwise noted

Friday, September 18

8:00 am Shuttle from La Posada Hotel to SFI / Continental Breakfast at SFI
8:30 am Overview of Process and Topics
8:35 am Break Up Into Teams and Perform Analysis #1 (4-5 Questions)
9:00 am Teams #1-4 Presentations / Debate #1 (15 min each team)
10:00 am Break
10:15 am Overview of a Proposed "Collaboration Strategy"
10:30 am Break up into Teams; Perform Analysis #2 (4-5 questions)
11:15 am Teams #1-2 Presentations / Debate #2 (15 min each)
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Teams #3-4 Presentations / Debate #2 (15 min each)
1:45 am Wrap-up / Key Learning’s / Next Steps
3:00 pm Adjourn / Tea with SFI community
3:30 pm Shuttle to La Posada Hotel