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There are many areas to contend with when building a deck in Brisbane.

This article will deal with your Deck Builder.

The construction of a deck is best left to a registered builder, or a Carpenter.

In Brisbane and indeed Queensland, a registered builder or carpenter requires a license in order to deal with the public. This ensures that the builder is qualified to construct your new addition.

That said, not all Carpenters or Builders, have the necessary experience to build your new deck. You see, not all decks are the same, and as such, different decks require different materials in order to meet code.

For example, if you were to build a high level deck in The Gap, a suburb of Brisbane, you could specify a steel subframe, with a variety of different decking timbers, and would be quite content with galvanised screws or nails.

However if the deck were to be built around a pool in Ascot or Hamilton, then the same materials would not suit.

You see, the chlorine and salts used in a pool deck, would warrant the selection of a timber subframe, and require stainless steel fixings, to ensure the chemicals and salts don't corrode any metal fixtures.

For this reason alone, it is very important to carefully select your builder, to ensure the materials specified are suited to the environment.

A low level or ground level deck will require a substantial amount of drainage. Ground level decks are prone to water retention, which in turn increases the likelihood of mould and dry rot. Your builder needs to ensure both ground water and overland water is catered for.

Most decks in Brisbane will require certification and building approval. Your builder should be able to design your deck according to the environment, and specify the correct materials and fixings to cope.

Lastly is the quality. Not all carpenters or builders produce the same quality workmanship. Ask your builder for referrals from previous clients, and view their portfolio to ascertain quality. As builders, every project should be constructed with the same amount of pride, and meticulous attention to detail

Brisbane Decks