Benefits of Network Cabling

From Santa Fe Institute Events Wiki

Network cabling and structured cabling may not seem to be worthwhile investments at first. However, these systems require minimal upgrades and are sure to outlive all other network components. In addition, the installation of these systems can considerably reduce construction costs and moves, changes, rearrangements and upgrades can be carried out more cost effectively. The advantages are not just limited to those few either:

  • It provides consistency. The same system appears everywhere in the building.
  • It makes changes easier. When more people need to be included in the system or moved elsewhere, it can be done without incurring costs or disruption as every location is pre wired.
  • It makes solving problems and network management easier. Issues in the system are easier to narrow down and repair with all devices and connections found in one place.
  • It supports future applications. Systems placed in a single location will require little or no upgrades.
  • It allows excellent performance. The system can operate at full potential, with increased efficiency and resilience.