A Few Small Secrets Behind How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You

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A Few Small Secrets Behind How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You

Catching and keeping a great man can be a lot of tough work and it all begins with that "Ah ha" moment where you finally make sense of how to make a guy like you. First you have to get his attention and that process begins with understanding what men want in a loving relationship. By understanding men, you can position yourself to become his one true love.

By reading to the end of this article, you'll have a healthier understanding of the type of woman most men want which will make it much easier to make a guy fall in love with you now or in the future.

Visually Stunning Women Attract Men

Visual stimulation is extremely important if you want to attract a man. Before any man will like you, he first has to notice you. Your appearance isn't everything, but it's important. Always try to look your best. Just spending a few extra minutes on your appearance can give you the "WOW" factor that will make him stop and take another look.

Wear something that gives you self-assurance. The idea is to feel beautiful. You can use your looks to get a man to see you as beautiful both inside and out. It has nothing to do with wearing a short mini skirt, high heels, and showing major cleavage.

When you wear something that makes you feel tremendous, then you'll act marvelous. Your body language will exude self-assurance. You won't be needy or desperate. And all of those factors will help you land the right man. The way you act will be even more important than the way you look. Love yourself, smile, and control your body with self-assurance. A man will choose a happy, confident woman over an insecure "10" every single time.

Flirting Can Make A Big Difference In How He Feels About You

Nothing drives a man more crazy (in a bad way) than a woman who is negative, who complains, and who manipulates. On the other hand, you can become addictive to a man by being happy and fun and enjoying life. Being fun and positive is contagious and can attract men to you like a magnet. Dating and relationships are supposed to be fun. Never be terrified to flirt. It's fun, and doing so will let him know you're interested.

Does He Know You're Interested?

Be daring and self-confident. Take the initiative and make the first move to meet a guy you have an interest in. Men don't always like being the one to make the first move even though they are expected to do so. Make eye contact with him and always remember to smile when he looks at you. Give him signs that you like him. That way, if he's had his eye on you too, then he'll know you 're open for an approach and he won't be afraid of getting passed up.