8 Facts about receiving a letter from US Airlines

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There is so much misinformation going around on the internet regarding a letter from US Airlines. The sad truth is that 99.9% of the information is false. People are just jumping on the bandwagon and posting that the letter is a scam without even opening up the letter. I mean honestly, how can you give a proper review or opinion of something that you yourself have not tried? I ignored all the rumors on the internet and decided to check out the letter from US Airlines. I am so glad that I did. I enjoyed my free tickets and I want you to be able to as well. Here are 8 facts that you must know about the letter from US Airlines:

Fact number one: The letter from US Airlines is not a scam: I honestly don’t understand why everyone assumes that the letter from US Airlines is a scam before even opening up the envelope and reading the letter. The letter clearly states that US Airlines will give you two free roundtrip airline tickets. Well, guess what! When you call the number US Airlines gives you all the information you need to claim your two free airline tickets. Yes, that means that they actually give you your tickets. If US Airlines gives you the tickets as they say they will, how does this make it a scam?

Fact number two: US Airlines is giving away free tickets: US airlines are generously giving away two free round trip airline tickets. The airline tickets are good for any air carrier and any airport. The retail value of the tickets is $1,400.00

Fact number three: Giving away free tickets is a form of advertisement: The travel industry is experiencing financial losses due to the state of the economy. Airlines companies are going through a lot of extreme losses. People are not flying as much. Instead many families are driving to nearby vacation destinations. Many are finding something local to do such as camping for their vacations. In an effort to win back flyers, US airlines has teamed up with the travel industry to promote tourism. Instead of spending a lot of money that they cannot afford to spend, they are instead giving out free airline tickets. It is so much cheaper to give out two tickets that cost $1,400 considering that the average commercial costs 1.5 million dollars. That’s just for one commercial to air once!

Fact number four: About US Airlines: US Airlines are part of the company Travel and Deals ( Travel and Deals is the nation’s leader in travel promotions and advertising. They help teach the average American how to save thousands of dollars on travel. They make traveling and vacationing affordable for anyone!

Fact number four: Tickets are completely free: The airline tickets that you will receive are completely free. There are no catches! You will not be charged anything.

Fact number five: Ticket restrictions: There are very few restrictions on your two free round trip airline tickets. They are not what you think they are. First of all your tickets are good for any destination in the United States of America. You can use the tickets from any airport within the United States of America. You can use your free tickets at any time. There are no restrictions on what time, day, or date you can use them. Your tickets are not transferable. They are to be used by you and one guess of your choice. These are very easy and basic restrictions.

Fact number six: Information on the presentation: In order to receive your free tickets you will be asked to go to a 90 minute presentation. At that presentation you will be giving some information and refreshments. This is not a sales pitch presentation. You will not be asked or forced to purchase anything that you are not interested in.

Fact number seven: Things you will learn at the presentation: The presentation is very informative. You will learn how to travel safely, how to travel with children, how to travel with pets, and how to get the best deals on traveling. You will also be provided with many helpful tips and tricks on traveling.

Fact number eight: How to redeem your tickets: Redeeming your tickets could not be easier! The hardest part of redeeming your tickets is deciding where you want to travel to and when you want to go. After you decide, simply call the airline, give them your voucher number, and then pack your bags. Do not forget to enjoy your vacation!