5 Ways Media Distribution Will Help Your Business Find More Customers

From Santa Fe Institute Events Wiki

If I were to ask you how to go about starting a media distribution campaign I wonder how well you would do? It seems, there are lots of people who consider media distribution as an option for their business but because of their lack of knowledge never follow it through. Well just for a few moments let me explain how it works so we can examine it in more detail. Here are five good reasons for you to adopt media distribution as part of your marketing mix.

Obviously, when good-quality content is written and distributed as part of your media distribution whether it is online or off-line you will attract some more interested parties to your website or store that will hopefully turn into buyers. An example is if you had a shop in the centre of town you know that X amount of people past the shop everyday. Some of those people will need what you’re offering and pop in to have a look at what you have to sell. That technique is pretty limited but one that is the norm across most businesses.

The more savvy of the businesses out there consider that if they could put an advertisement in hundreds of shops in their city or town that explains what they do and sell, they should generate a lot more traffic through the doors. In essence, that is exactly what the media distribution does for you. And it needn’t be difficult if you have a professional do it for you.

Secondly, by using highly targeted content for your market you can deliver exactly what your potential clients are looking for. If somebody is searching the Internet for a particular service or product and comes across a well-written article with a link and address details back to your website is a good possibility that they will call you. They may never have found your website without your media distribution.

Thirdly, when your content is placed on a quality site on the Internet it is permanent. Usual advertising methods are such that you pay for an ad and it is published once, then gone and forgotten. In fact, unless you’re very good your probably advertising to 90% of the readership that couldn’t care less about your products and services. With media distribution you are targeting people that are interested in your services or products.

Forth, in comparison to normal advertising, the media distribution marketing model can be head shoulders above the rest. As previously said your efforts on the Internet are attracting new eyeballs every single day. The return on investment is fantastic making media distribution one of the best parts of your marketing mix.

Fifth, if you are thinking that this is expensive you may be right, it depends who you work with. You need to choose the correct publishing company that puts its money where its mouth is. I.e. we offer our clients a trial run where we will distribute some high quality content that we have written totally free of charge to show exactly what we can do this is show that we know what we are doing. So, if you’d like to give this a try please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you consider that your new media distribution campaign can start no money whatsoever isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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