"If you could instantly download three hobby style skills into your brain, which three skills would you pick?"

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Complex Systems Summer School 2013

Alastair: Beekeeping, Lockpicking and Tightrope walking.

Mengsen: (the ability to do math)*3

Mauricio: ride alpacas, eat only fractal-like vegetables, and tyep wtih my eblow

Brady: squirrel suit flying (I have no idea what its proper name is), painting/drawing, scuba diving

Lauren: gardening, parachute skiing, yoga inversions (aka unsupported handstands etc.)

Andrea: drawing/painting, wood works/carpentry, play piano (also the power law blues is fine :-)

tom (DF): Alastair got two of mine (sort of) -- lockpicking and Slack-Line walking (to see me try, with help, look here ) -- my third is tatting (you can look it up -- I like knots :-)

Molly: storytelling, treehouse building, guitar-playing

Swati: Being funny, writing persuasively and beautifully, balancing- for dance and rock climbing

Vanessa: Kung Fu, knitting, sleight of hand

Nix: Abyss staring, multiplying large matrices with my tongue, "Spider Touch."

Jian: banjo playing, moonwalking, unicycling on a slackline

Cesar: Classical Guitar, Kun Fu, dancing salsa

Bapu: Dunking (on a 10 foot rim), surfing, and stealing Mauricio's alpacas

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