"If you could have a phone conversation with your past or future self, when would you call?"

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Complex Systems Summer School 2013

If you pick a day after you have been killed, there will be no one to answer the phone and your call will be wasted. If you pick a day where you have left your phone at home, or there is no reception or whatever, then a magical time phone will appear and the phone call will proceed undisturbed.

You have one hour worth of phone credit, and can only speak to yourself.

"Which day would you pick assuming you could change things (multi-history-timeline)? Why?"

Mengsen: a thousand years later? Type your answer here

"Which day would you pick if you were told fate was already determined (single-history-timeline)? Why?"

Mengsen: tomorrow. I'll write down the conversation and compare it to the one I will receive.

Type your other answer here